Ruffle scarf with a rectangular loom

Ruffle scarf of ruffle yarn can be knitted in different ways. I like to knit on a rectangular loom. The loops keep good and you lose them not, that can happen on the sticks. Ruffle scarf is lush. I recommend this method for the sticking.  Continue reading

Knight’s helmet hat with a loom

I have recently received a gift. It is a Knifty Knitter Long Loom. I have almost immediately been fascinated by this hobby. You knit quickly, the knitting becomes thicker and you need a lot less yarn.  Continue reading

Ruffle scarf on a rake

It is very easy to work with ruffle yarn. A ruffle scarf on the rake can be done by everyone, even those who are far away from the knitting. No knowledge is required; you do not need to buy needles or a crochet hook. You just need to ruffle yarn and a sand rake.  Continue reading