Bracelet made of rubber bands with crochet hook

The idea for this bracelet, I came to all of a sudden. Don’t know, maybe someone who has already done this. But really, I have not seen this before. The bracelet is made very easily and quickly. It can also be done by children.

Materials needed
: rubber bands, c-lock, and crochet hook.  Continue reading

Bracelet with Spiders of loom bands

Bracelet with Spiders made without any loom board. The bracelet consists of entrapped spiders.

Materials: black and red loom bands, two hooks and s – clips.  Continue reading

Rainbow loom bands bracelet with a hook

Rainbow loom bands bracelets are fun things for kids and adults. For bracelets use a loom, fingers, pens and forks. I like to weave rainbow loom bands bracelet with a hook.

Rainbow bracelet shall be woven with two hooks. It is easy, simple and looks good. Try it and you will be happy.  Continue reading

Bracelet loom bands “fishtail” with beads

Anyone who begins to learn how to make bracelets out of loom bands, often begins with the bracelet ”fishtail”. Because is it may be the easiest option. But if you also use the beads, then the bracelet will look much more different.  Continue reading

Bracelet of magazines and seed beads

Bracelet of magazines and seed beads can complement any summer clothes. It’s easy to do so every preschool child can do it yourself. But adults have to help in the production of beads from magazines. Efforts to weave these bracelets will give pleasure and joy.

We will need: magazines, ruler, pen, knife for paper, glue, nail, toothpick, scissors, elastic band, a clothespin and seed beads.  Continue reading